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Just refilled the Dalmatian’s water dish, whereupon the poor thing spent five minutes desperately lapping up the water. I have to admit, I identified with him. Beverages around here are too often too scarce.

Speaking of beverages, let's talk about green tea a little bit. Okay.

Yesterday was, to be sure, cosily inhabited by the Great Spirit of Green Tea and the day was veritably a walking tour of all the primary aspects of nihoncha.

At the tea pavilion in Balboa Park, Trisa and I tested the green tea latte. This was a bad start, as, remarkably, the drink came out to taste very like packing foam or, as Trisa observed, like curdled milk. In any case, not at all like green tea.

Here I made an observation about society.

It seems to me that popular beverage culture likes to pay a great deal of lip service to green tea, and yet, in Supermarkets, you shall rarely find green tea in pure form--always it is sold with a sweetener of some kind, most often lemon. It is a very sad thing, to be sure, that the true spirit of green tea is not celebrated.

. . . after the disastrous tea latte, we were thankfully treated to a very rewarding incarnation of the Holy Greenness--this was Green Tea Ice Cream.

I cannot even begin to describe how perfectly good it was.

Afterwards, we immediately left for Mitsuwa to see if we could buy the terribly wonderful stuff in pints.

What we found at Mitsuwa exceeded our wildest imaginings.

Oh, we found green tea ice cream in pints. But we also found it in half-gallons. And in popsicle form. And in ice cream sandwich form. And in burrito form. And all sorts of other unnameable forms.

In the presence of this . . . this . . . greatness . . . Trisa and I became aware that we had shared something. That we had been changed profoundly and that we would never be the same as what we once were.

Stumbling from Mitsuwa in a daze, we now spent our time thanking the gods for this consummate blessing.

Before parting with Trisa that night, I breathlessly handed her two bags of green tea from my personal stash.

“Be careful,” I warned her, “It’s very strong,”
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