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Trianglesaurus Goes Uphill Because He Wants To

Exceptionally low on time to-day. But I've been productive so far. After a little drawing, I went to Denny's for lunch where I started working on the script for Chapter 11. Then, because I'd decided to go to a distant Denny's, I got lost on the way back and ended up at The Living Room where I worked on Chapter 11 even more. I'm really pleased with the script so far.

Being at The Living Room always reminds me of hanging out with Trisa. Gods, I miss having her around.

I'm still not done with Chapter 10, of course, but to-day's the day I'd normally finish a script, so hopefully by skipping my days off and Second Life lately I'll be all caught up by Monday. I'm pretty sure I will be. I have the last one and a half pages of Chapter 10 to draw, and I've only coloured one and a half. But if I set aside Friday and Saturday entirely for colouring, then I'll only be two pages behind on Chapter 11.

This morning I somehow felt like watching the third episode of Top o Nerae 2 while eating breakfast. It's turning out to be my favourite episode--it's the only one that focuses on a character besides Nono and Larc--or "Lal'C" as apparently Wikipedia makes her name to be. My copies of the series are still the initial fansubs from before anyone knew what English sounds the Japanese writers were aiming at. The third episode is about a character named Chika in the fansub, Tycho according to Wikipedia. I love her lavender hair and black and white stripey socks, and her character's story about finding meaning in being a Buster machine pilot despite it not actually changing the things in her life she thinks it ought to has always seemed very compelling to me. And the imagery of the stars turning into snowflakes is great, too. She sort of reminds me of Asuka from Evangelion, but with a much happier fate, of course.

I borrowed a bunch of my childhood scrapbook from my mother a couple days ago and I went through it last night, recalling how obsessed I used to be with Donald Duck and Roger Rabbit, and recalling how bad my grades always were. Apparently I drew this when I was three;

I guess it's a dinosaur of some kind. Looks like he's been chewing coal.

I bought some pumpkin ale last night out of curiosity more than anything else. What a letdown. It just tastes like beer. I hate beer.

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