Trompé Setsuled (setsuled) wrote,
Trompé Setsuled

I See You Have a Machine that Goes 'Ping'

I need some coffee and dental floss. These are my mission parameters for when I leave the house again in a moment. I just returned from my parents' house where I watched some Sherlock Holmes with my sister while I installed a bunch of antivirus things on her computer.

I'm not as under the gun to-day as I have been. To-night I need to pencil and ink the last page of Chapter 11, then to-morrow I'll write the script for Chapter 12, do the rough drawings on Friday, and draw the first page on Saturday. I'll be one day behind schedule, which is a vast improvement. I could catch up, too, if there're any really simple pages in 12. I bet there won't be, though. Meanwhile, I'll need to finish colouring 11. But I'm reaching a production groove I feel good with. I mean, I always got everything done by deadline before, but never as soon as I liked. I think at this rate I might be moving into a slightly more responsible schedule.

I still can't believe Chapter 11's going to be online before election day. Egad, why can't it be sooner? This is far too much time for McCain to make up some preposterous thing that'll schnooker the undecideds.

When I got in a few minutes ago, Snow the Cat was waiting for me on the porch. I love cats.

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