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Slug Walking

Ick, my hands are chocolate sticky . . . The chocolate seemed to help my headache though. Slightly.

This is not a headache from fatigue of any kind, unless it's ennui. (ennui is not a word I've had much success using in conversation btw. Last time I did, someone thought I said "Owie!")

I cannot recall a day in my life that felt more unproductive than to-day.

It went a little something like this;

Woke up . . . went to parents' house to watch television and eat dinner . . . went to Magious's to watch television and play Morrowind . . . came back to eat some more and begin making this journal entry. So here we are.

At least this way I dinna spend any money. True, there's not a whole lot one can buy with three dollars . . .

Maybe to-day wasn't completely unproductive. At my parents' house I finally drew this woman I'd been meaning to draw for quite some time. She wears a red mask, blood-stained gauntlets, metal boots, and torn ragged breeches. Her dark brown skin is covered with scars.

I'm not sure of her name yet. I was thinking of making her a relative of Edisa Raf. I was also thinking I might use her in a short story for one of my classes.
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