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Existence without Coffee is Insubstantial

Happy birthday, chris_walsh. Chris always writes poems for people on their birthdays, so to-day I decided to write him a gangsta rap.

The Day Chris Walsh Took Over

Taking over the world from the motherfuckin' dogs
Chris Walsh smoking joints and the motherfuckin' laws
Watch out for a Chris with a cause
Smokin' fuckers with no pause

Fast forward--
No coward
Homies and Walsh, East Side, GUN POWDER
White tower
Motherfucking tower of crack gonna rain down in a shower
Nine o'clock, Saturday, should be with my bitches in a shower
Thugs bustin' in around, passing shit around like flour

Hit the motherfuckin' ground!
What? The motherfuckin' cops is all around!

Taking over the world from the motherfucking dogs
Chris Walsh smoking joints and the motherfuckin' laws
Watch out for a Chris with a cause
Smokin' fuckers with no pause

Your mind
Kid Chris with his gats is out the door in a fucking blind
Only so far a thug's mind you wind
Before he blows out your motherfucking mind
Bullets lined
Streets in lights red and blue and us in a motherfuckin' bind

One, two
Motherfuckin' cops was through
Chris Walsh reigning East Side like motherfuckin' Xanadu
So whatchya gonna do?
Chris Walsh gonna bust a cap in you

Anyway, that's my rhymes. Yesterday was a nice enough Halloween. My sister and I watched The Shining--it's always nice to see that movie.

I have a few things I want to do to-day. I said Chapter 12 was tough, but actually the first four pages were really easy. It's the last three that'll give me real trouble.

By the way, someone, who shall remain nameless, was somewhat alarmed by yesterday's entry, so, just to clarify in case anyone's concerned, no, I did not encounter a fish monster at a sushi restaurant on Thursday. It actually took place Wednesday. Kidding!

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