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Night Exister

I suppose I really ought to start thinking about going to sleep.

I am very tired. At the same time, I'm feeling very productive. Between 1am and now, I've been putting things in my sketchbook. It feels good to be putting that much work into it, as I've mostly been avoiding it lately.

What I suppose I should start referring to last night--Trisa and I skipped class to have an enlightening adventure with Off the Record, Borders, interesting shops with bad musics, and an unfamiliar Denny's. It was at the Denny's that Trisa finally received the bagel she'd been pining for all day.

Also known as a legab.

Being at a Denny's always reminds me of spending the night at one in Seattle with Cryptess . . .

I slept not that night. I shall sleep this night, dag nabit!

Here goes . . .
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