Trompé Setsuled (setsuled) wrote,
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I seem to be back to a completely nocturnal schedule, with the time change and the shorter winter days helping, I hardly ever see the sun anymore. It's making everything feel wonderfully wintry since it's much colder at night than during southern California's never ending summer days. This is easily my favourite time of year.

I want to watch Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Turkey Day marathons. I want to play Quake. It really is strange what this season does to me. Of course, I don't have time for any of that, but then I never seem to find the old traditions as satisfying in practice as they are in memory.

I guess Obama's had his first presidential gaffe to-day (sort of) when, in his first news conference as President Elect he made a mocking reference to Nancy Reagan's séances. The maids were here to-day, and I got back to sleep after they left, but while they were here I blearily watched Obama's news conference. I love the way Obama uses words sometimes. Like when he said, in regards to choosing cabinet members, that he wants to move "with deliberate haste. With the emphasis on deliberate." Thought he meant moving fast on purpose? Nope. He meant fast moving, careful thought. This guy makes language work for him. "Deliberate haste"--it's odd enough to make you stop and think about it, and does a lot to avoid making you think he's moving too fast to make careful decisions. And, of course, it demonstrates Obama not moving so fast that his decisions are ill-considered.


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