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Apricot Explosion

Already to-day I've drawn page 100 of Venia's Travels. It's part of Chapter 13, so it won't be online for another two weeks, but I still feel the milestone. And I still feel like the story's just getting started. But I felt pretty much the same way at around page 100 of Boschen and Nesuko.

For supper lately I've been eating toast with jam. Last night I had apricot jam with chai tea which turned out to be an unexpectedly perfect flavour combination. Everything seemed to be going right yesterday--since I'm pretty comfortable about where I am with the comic right now, I decided to steal some time to clean my room last night. I figured not sneezing as often would probably end up being a time-saver in the long run, anyway.

I also organised my mp3s. I deleted some faulty tracks from the Grave of the Fireflies soundtrack that I think I've had for more than eight years. Every time they'd come up in a playlist, I'd think to myself, "I really need to delete those," but would never get around to it. Now I have. It almost feels wrong. I'm not sure I want to find better versions of the mp3s--or if I even can. I haven't watched the movie in a long time, and as anime movies go, it doesn't exactly seem like one that has the ravenous fanbase that would seed soundtrack mp3s. It's amazing I found the files at all--I downloaded them from a site I found through Anime Web Turnpike before that site got useless and bloated. It was even before I'd heard of Napster.

Well, I had a great time writing this post and I hope you enjoyed reading it, but now I see our time's almost up. It's been an amazing ride and there's so many people I need to thank. I'd like to thank David Axelrod, Gus Van Sant, Koji Kondo, The Punisher, Squirtle, and Art Crow! Goodnight everybody!


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