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Sensei no Pet

I've just gotten back from my parents' house where Saffy the kitten slept on my shoulder while my sister and I watched a couple episodes of Sherlock Holmes ("The Devil's Foot" and "The Silver Blaze"). Six weeks old and already the little kitten can fight her way up and down the stairs with only a little difficulty. Mostly she sleeps, as she did on my shoulder, pausing only to lick my ear or scratch my chin contemplatively.

I only got eight hours of sleep to-day and I'm not nearly as focused as I was yesterday after more than ten hours. Maybe I require as much sleep as a cat does. Or maybe I'm just not sleeping as much as I think I am. Anyway, I started over on the Chapter 14 script I'd written on Thursday, when I was sleep deprived. It's amazing how much of a difference it makes, even though I already knew almost exactly what was going to happen in 14 at least a week beforehand.

Nothing else really to report to-day. I did have an interesting dream, but I essentially don't remember it.

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