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The Long Meal

Going back to my parents' house for another day of Thanksgiving to-day, and I'm running a little later than yesterday, so here's an even shorter post.

I got back at around nine last night and spent the next seven hours drawing and colouring. I expect I'll do the same to-night. I'm really liking how Chapter 14 is shaping up.

This afternoon I watched the fourth episode of Zero no Tsukaima, an anime series Tim recommended to me a while ago that I haven't been very enthusiastic about. I'll admit, it has one or two things that separate it from many other shonen series; the possibility of the main characters having sex is actually brought up, the characters have some layers of (albeit always distinctly adolescent) motivation.

But the male lead, Saito, bugs the crap out of me. He gets really close to consummating a relationship with the series tsundere, Louise, several times, but invariably messes things up by being intensely stupid, like constantly staring at a half-elf's breasts, or not noticing that Louise has made him dinner. I know what's going on here--the writers are stringing things out. Yet Louise's reactions are so nicely written, I do keep coming back to the series, though slowly and reluctantly.

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