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To-day has not gotten off to the greatest of starts. I was determined to at least get up a little earlier than 5pm so I set my alarm for 3pm. But noises in the house throughout the day prevented me from achieving a serviceable amount of sleep, which I didn't quite realise until about two hours after I'd been up and about. So it's clear to me now I'm in no shape to draw to-day. I've got plenty of colouring to do, though.

Then I spent a good deal of time trying to make breakfast and failing. There seems to be a problem with the dishwasher my grandmother won't acknowledge can't be fixed with vinegar, so half the time when I make oatmeal or cous cous, it comes out sudsy, no matter how much I rinse out the bowl beforehand, as happened to-day. Meanwhile, the coffeepot malfunctioned again, though fortunately I was able to pull some coffee out of the wreckage. I ended up having pumpkin pie for breakfast. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'm having a hard time accessing parts of my personality right now.

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