Trompé Setsuled (setsuled) wrote,
Trompé Setsuled

Warm Beads

I must say I'm greatly pleased by the fact that Coldplay's being sued for plagiarism. Joe Satriani's case seems rock solid, if you ask me, but as a fan of Radiohead, I've long been hoping for the day when the focus grouped pretty version of Thom Yorke would be humiliated and exposed for the fraud he is. I know this won't stop Coldplay fans from listening to Coldplay any more than utter mediocrity has stopped Four Christmases from reaching top box office. But this does give me a little Christmas cheer.

Last night's Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles wasn't bad. It was written by one of Veronica Mars' better writers, John Enbom, who did a nice job of portraying a family's transition from normalcy to surviving a world ending. The dialogue spiked up to too cutesy at points, but I forgive it for going down so smooth, except for the very end of the episode which tried to play off something that was clearly written to avoid a plot inconvenience as something very profound. The episode also made me like Jesse a lot more, and I'm even starting to like Derek on some theoretical level.

I actually spent almost all night colouring, so I don't really have any new tales to tell. I still have two and a half pages to colour on Chapter 14, but I'm really happy with how this chapter's coming out.
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