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Dying sleep

I slept in until 2:30pm.

If I'm not mistaken . . . that's actually the latest I've slept in in my life.

No, I don't feel guilty about it. Not at all. As late as it was, I still only got nine hours of sleep. And it was perfect for my plan to get an oil change.

I usually get my oil changed at Wal-Mart--their automobile-servicing area opens at 7am. Of course, if you expect the job to get done within 3 hours, you gotta get there early. And that was a tough thing for me--I hate getting up early.

And that's why I've lately realised that . . . I don't have to get up early if I simply stay up very, very late.

Oh, it'll work, you just wait and see.

It's just after 3am now, which means I have just four hours 'til the place opens. Until then, I've plenty to keep me occupied.

Hey--to-day I bought some Veggie Tempura at the mall. It was damned good. To get it, I stood next to a woman holding her flailing baby sideways.

I also ran into Magious's grandparents at the mall. Those two are peculiarly over-kind to me. Sometimes I think that they think Magious and I are a homosexual couple--I mean, sometimes they tell me to take good care of him and such, and, well, they're just . . . er . . . quite sweet to me. It's almost too bad we're not gay--not many gay couples have such supportive grandparents I'd wager.

This evening I purchased a 12 pack of Cherry Coke. And just as I was thinking about how hard to find Cherry Coke's been lately.

Hm. My nose is cold . . .
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