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Somewhere Outside my Brain, There are Places

Instead of letting myself get disembowelled like a schmuck by some fairy lady, I took my digital camera downtown to-day to take pictures. I bet there's probably a checklist of stages for jackasses with new cameras, and I guess I'm probably at stage 4 or 5. At least I'm not self-deprecating.

This is from on top of Horton Plaza, my favourite mall.

Also from on top of the mall. A restaurant.

Jessop's the clock.

At the harbour now, obviously, taking a picture of a reproduction of an old boat. I took three pictures of it and couldn't get one that wasn't blurry. The camera seems to do a lot of things automatically that I still need to learn to shut off. At least I figured out how to turn off the flash, unlike most of the tourists around me.


The things that look like whale bones on the left were far more interesting when I took this photograph than when I walked closer afterwards and found out it was some kind of sculpture.

I wish this one had come out better.

This one came out crystal clear, probably because there was nothing in the foreground to make it interesting. I wonder if my camera's even capable of deep focus. Maybe I need a telephoto lens like Kurosawa.

I'm not sure what this place was, but it was pretty creepy.

The city. Night.

I loved how orange these leaves looked by the streetlamp. If you look hard enough, you can find trees that change colour for autumn and winter in San Diego.

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