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Good livin' is easy to do/The things that you wanted I bought them for you

Whoa-huh-huh-huh-hooooooy . . . -ly shit. I feel gross.

I just ate a pint of green tea ice cream. A pint. What the fuck's wrong with me?

You know, I've noticed that each night has seen me feeling progressively grosser. If I don't get to exceed two hours of true sleep to-night, I promise that murder shall be done to-morrow.

I'm drinking a water bottle full of milk right now, and it seems to be the best surrogate for Cryptess's nipple I can find. It's fixing me okay I guess.

Purchased a Caitlin Kiernan book, as prophesied and, as I thought, it's pretty damned good.

Bright spot of my day really. 'cause I forgot to bring my Shakespeare book to the mall, so I dinna read Taming of the Shrew for class--although that dinna really matter as I remembered it well enough to understand what teacher was talking about.

I forgot to bring the book to class too. And it was in class where I saw Trisa in one of her less than chipper moods. Sometimes she scares me, like she's gonna take a big interdimensional mallet to my head. I'm sure I visibly cringe in her presence at times.

Gods, I'm feeling batty just now.

I printed out my Novel-So-Far to-day and I was pleased to feel the heavy stack of novel in my hands that I'd written on my own . . . although I feel so loopy right now that I can't fathom actually working on the thing, and am slightly distrusting of my senses regarding its existence.

I wonder if Tori Amos and I would hit it off if we went on a date? True, she's supposedly married, but I personally feel that's a hoax.

hm, milk. Milk and green tea. Milk, green tea, and sugar. Milk, green tea, sugar, and several anonymous chemical additives ya.

It's all nice.
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