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In other words!

Oh, to you, World, to you, all you cats and humans, you elephants and hippopotami, oh to you I say!

I cry out now, loud and fierce-like to the stuffs! As I sit here with my coca-cola and think of to-morrow that I don't wanna do!

I don't wanna get up at 8am to go to far off Chula Vista--

But oh well, I might as well.

Finally won over the affections of a cat named Lucky to-day.

And it seems to me that . . . I've rather liked being unemployed. I have tasted the divine ambrosia of sloth and I say that IT IS GOOD.

To those who say that hard work is its own reward, I say fuck you, you most ancient and primal of propaganda machines. I will not be taken in.

No sir.

Actually, no one'll prolly hire me anyway so I oughtn't worry . . .

In any case, I'd better sleep now so as to be fresh as a pink bunny rabbit in a church basket for to-morrow morning.

Wish me . . . fate!

and in a flash, he had gone.
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