Trompé Setsuled (setsuled) wrote,
Trompé Setsuled

Hi How are You I'm the President Are You That's Good Well It was Nice Meeting You

Oh, I forgot to mention how particularly bad Laura Roslin was in that last Battlestar Galactica I watched (the fifteenth episode of the third season). This time it was more the actress's fault than anyone else's--Mary McDonnell has this thing where apparently she uses white-out on all the periods in her script because she runs all her sentences together. It comes off as some sort of bad Christopher Walken impression spliced with William Shatner at the best of times.

In the last episode I watched, she had a line that was something like, "It would've been hard because of the terrain. At Baltar's ground-breaking ceremony . . ." And it was like she was reading off cue cards because she stopped at "ground" like she clearly thought it was a sentence about some ground Baltar possessed. She's just all kinds of annoying.

It smells like something's burning around here--I dusted because I thought that might be it, but I went outside and smelled it too . . . I hadn't dusted in weeks, so maybe the dust was just in my nostrils.

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