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What to Do with the Time that is Given to You

I'm tired of not being ahead of schedule on my comic. I drew and inked the seventh page of the next chapter last night and coloured the third and fourth. So I need to draw and ink a page to-day, colour two to-day and two to-morrow. I didn't have time for much else yesterday--I went to my parents' house for lunch, and my mother and I got into a sort of argument about the economic crisis. She, and a lot of people, are saying the Democrats and the Republicans are equally responsible for the current situation, but I'm not completely sold on it yet. I don't pretend to know a whole lot about economics, but it seems to me the Democrats loosening qualifications for people to apply for home loans was done under the condition that the government had a massive surplus at the time--the idea being that there wouldn't be so many people defaulting on their mortgages or banks willing to take in so many subprime mortgages that the government couldn't make up for while still maintaining a surplus--sort of a backdoor socialised real estate.

The real debate there, then, would be whether or not everyone deserves a house. Left would say yes, right would say no. But I don't think anyone could've imagined Bush turning the budget so upside down. If anyone wants to tell me how my thinking's flawed on this, or point out where my ignorance is showing, please do so. I have a lot to do to-day, though, so my replies may be a long time coming.

I decided to hold off on watching the Battlestar Galactica flashback movie, Razor, until I had more time, so I was going to watch the season premiere of season four last night. I held it in front of me like a carrot the whole time I was working on my comic, only to find I'd gotten high def versions of the fourth season episodes--audio seems to get out of sync completely when I try to watch high def video on this computer. So I had to wait until breakfast this morning to watch a smaller copy of the episode.

Does Baltar ever get into situations that don't end up with him getting tortured or laid? I've said I like his character, and I do, but it seems like every episode casts him as a completely different figure in the eyes of human or Cylon society, always with the result of him getting tortured or laid. But I love seeing him find new reasons to be bug eyed.

It seems somewhat unlikely that a hippy commune would form undetected on the Galactica. But it'll be interesting to see what the crew makes of the two dead guys in the head.

No-one seems to want to point out Starbuck's new haircut. But, while I laughed out loud when Starbuck volunteered to Sam that she'd shoot him if he was a Cylon, I like the discussion of the value of people regardless of their species.

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