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Life Is and Is Not How You Dress It

I had a lot of errands to run yesterday, keeping me out of the house all day. But hopefully it's gotten me to where I won't have to leave the house again for several days while I draw the next chapter of my comic.

I went back to Mission Valley Centre mall yesterday and got actual Indian food from the Indian place where actual Indians work. It's really an anomaly in the food court--there's Taco Bell, Burger King, and this place with a massive, almost impossible to read menu and "Namiste" over the register. It's certainly not fast food in any literal sense, either. It took ten minutes to get my food. I got the mushroom masala with curry sauce. Good, and very hot.

Of course, I could not resist stopping at the arcade again and beating Soul Calibur III. Just a nice little boost to the ego during my journeys. Last night, I followed a link on 4chan to this flickr account of a cosplayer named BelleChere in an excellent costume of Ivy from Soul Calibur. By far the best Soul Calibur costume I've seen and I have certainly to agree with one flickr commenter who astutely told BelleChere, "u have so beautiful tits..... they are perfect ones!"

Knights of the Old Republic 2 crashed my computer twice last night. That is one buggy motherfucking game. I'd had too much sake to do much else but play video games at that point, so I reinstalled Final Fantasy VI. Yes, I went from a game that looks like this;

To a game that looks like this;

A lot of modern gamers just don't get it, but I'll take a better game with better writing over one with prettier graphics any day. Though this Final Fantasy VI cosplay I came across while doing the image search for that screenshot certainly qualifies as beautiful. If I were a woman, I'd cosplay every day.

I watched the seventh episode of Battlestar Galactica's third season last night. It featured one of the Cylons explaining to the human government that the Cylons needed to be able to die in order to give life meaning. It's weird how eager a lot of Sci-Fi and Fantasy authors are to knock immortality without ever trying it. Just once, I'd like to see some character say, "I'm six million years old and it fucking rules, man." Trying to rationalise the negative aspects of existence generally has the aspect of cheapening them for me. I don't mean one should revel in despair, so much. I think my way of thinking goes to the concept of mono no aware. Sometimes, things are bad, sometimes they're good. They are, in any case.

No-one seems to be bringing up Baltar's miracle cancer cure, either. So much of what happens on that show makes everyone seem amazingly lazy.
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