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There needs to be more cats

My interview this morning was somewhat strange.

It was indeed a shitty looking part of town. Not only because of the clusters of sad housings and second rate businesses, but also because the closer I got to the border, the more American flags there were displayed in said homes and businesses. And I hate flags.

The library was kinna nice. I was taken to a small room where I sat at one side of a long table and a small committee of three women (The Furies?) sat at the other side, taking turns reading questions to me off their sheets. When I answered, all three would scribble lengthy notes onto their papers. It was all very strange, and more than a little Orwellian.

Upon returning home, I changed into a turtleneck because the weather--oh yes--deliciously allowed for it.

It's starting to look a lot like winter, and I wanted something with cinnamon in it, and I wanted to listen to Elvis Costello.

Both wishes easily granted, I went on to experience a day that was in many respects quite contented.

Hard to think about the future right now. Well, beyond speculations as to what heights technology might reach.

A few days ago, my friend Marty actually looked at my poetry site!! It's always so incredible to have an intelligent someone look at my work--and not only that, he promised to read 'em again!

I was thinking about that to-day. And the skies were wonderfully cloudy . . .

Ah. I'm really gonna enjoy sleeping. I can already see that I am.

I spent some quality time with Lucky the cat--he's an affectionate little fellow--er, scratch that, he's really a very big fellow--he's the sort who rubs himself languorously all over you. I had a vision of just lying in an enormous, fluffy comfortable bed, being cuddled and purred to by a large group of very sweet little cats.

Then I thought about drinking a great latte at the same time and eating a delicious chocolate biscotti of some sort . . . and I'd be wearing my black turtleneck too. Somehow that was very key.

Oh yes. To-day I saw heaven . . .
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