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Dreams of Math

I dreamt last night I was on a freeway I'd never been on before and discovered it took me to Jedi Academy levels, and I realised that all locations in video games existed in the real world, and cgi was a scam.

Want to see a portrait in abject cowardice? Likely by now you've seen Jon Stewart's recent interview with Jim Cramer, wherein Stewart takes Cramer to task for cheerleading the theoretical money shifting system that's a big part of our economic problems to-day and has never really amounted to more than high stakes gambling in different clothes. In that interview, Cramer can be seen stumbling over himself to placate Stewart, saying he would change his entire show in response to Stewart's criticism, laying pathetic flattery at Stewart's feet at the end of the interview.

Compare that with this To-day Show appearance by Cramer, where he calls Stewart's attacks on the media "naive and misleading". Really? A comedian making jokes about the media is naive? What about airline food? Is it naive to make fun of airline food? Ridiculous is as ridiculous does, Mr. Cramer. Sort of like not having the guts to call Stewart naive to his face.

I wished I had my camera with me when I was in La Jolla yesterday. It was a clear day, and suddenly a fog came off the ocean and rolled over the hills like a blanket. It was strange and beautiful.

Last night I watched episode seventeen of Battlestar Galactica's fourth season and I watched eighteen with breakfast to-day. That's only two days of watching two episodes, and somehow, without planning it, I'm catching up with the show at almost the precise moment it's ending. It feels a bit premature, really--I'd like to see the Cylons and humans learning to coexist. I liked episode eighteen a lot more than seventeen. There's a bit more sentimentality going on than I'm really built to enjoy, but I love watching Tricia Helfer and Grace Park playing a hundred different characters each. It's absurd they're even bothering with recaps at the beginning of the episodes--how's a new viewer supposed to make sense of this? Of course the recaps are more for rewriting history than for anything else.

I wonder if George Lucas will poach Battlestar Galactica talent for his live action Star Wars series premiering next year. I bet he'll try to get some Farscape writers. I certainly hope he takes from both pools--I'm actually feeling a bit hopeful about that series.
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