Trompé Setsuled (setsuled) wrote,
Trompé Setsuled

"Too Many Stars and Not Enough Sky"

Last night I dreamt of a Spider-Man played by Jake Gyllenhaal hunting the murderer of Tobey Maguire.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my;

Twitter Sonnet #1

I have a bruised apple I am eating.
There'll be no booze to-night, only the fruit.
Please go tell your friends that I am tweeting.
Samus got an item; the high jump boot.
There are no rabbits on the lawn right now.
I need to put my clothes in the dryer.
I partook of the string cheese of the cow.
This is a bit like using a wire.
Scrambled eggs for breakfast hurt my stomach.
It seems I have also got a headache.
Fuck, I sure hope I am not getting sick.
I guess spaghetti should be good to take.
Electronic call woke me up early.
But I fell back to sleep in a hurry.

I see I've lost two followers since yesterday. I'm thinking my life simply isn't interesting enough for Twitter. Well, I also gained two followers. So who knows what I'm doing.

Last night I added myself to the wefollow channels #art, #comics, and #goodfornothing. I made that last one myself and I'm currently the only one on it. If you see other people join, always remember I'm the original good for nothing. I'll keep up the tweeting for a while longer at least. If nothing else, I enjoy pretending I'm an itty bitty bird.

Lots of interesting tweets from the people I'm following. More than I have time to read--this is how our modern culture is changing. We're oversaturated with everything, even quality. It makes it a little harder for people like me to ferment our isolated crazy into an energy ball of creativity with which we blast the world with intermittent hadukens. But I think this may be a situation of something that might kill you also having the potential to make you stronger. In other words, my own creativity has more either to react to or succumb to.

I tried to watch the third Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei OVA with breakfast, but once again, GG is the only group fansubbing it, so it doesn't run properly on my computer. Instead I watched the third episode of Soul Eater, which continues to be cute and fun.

I also watched the ninth episode of Galaxy Express 999, which is a strange and fascinating series from the late 1970s, and not entirely, I suspect, on purpose. I've been watching it very slowly, about an episode for every couple months. Something about it seems to want to be taken that way.

A mysterious woman named Maetel takes a child named Tetsuro with her on a journey aboard the Galaxy Express 999, an old fashioned steam train that nonetheless travels through space, and the series chronicles their encounters with planets, stations, and anomalies where the train stops along the way. One gets the feeling that these stories are based on manga author Leiji Matsumoto's own childhood train journeys with his mother, with a child's mysteries of the world replaced with the adult mysteries of space, violence, and aliens.

So to-day's episode, which at first I thought was a right wing attack on the concept of welfare, upon reflection I determined was actually a version of what a child imagines when his mother tells him they simply can't stop and give money or food to starving beggars. The child's natural inclination to prevent the suffering of so many people has to create a strong counter-conception to be satisfied--so when Tetsuro does give in and feed one of the beggars, he's quickly beset by a mob of people demanding he buy for each of them bowl after bowl of ramen.

The beggars are given purple, green, and orange skin, with the subtle suggestion that the poor are even a different species. Tetsuro, as he himself mentions, was poor when we met him in the first episode, so there has to be more reasons as to why he can't identify with these beggars now.

I had a lot of errands to run yesterday, but still managed to draw and ink a page and colour half of one. Hopefully to-day I'll manage to do even more.

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