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Scooby Doom

Dreamt Marty taught in an enormous, shadowy, auditorium-like class room, and for some reason, while I was visiting, he was showing his class a Scooby Doo movie (one of the animated ones). He seemed quite fixated on it too--I pondered this as I sat down at a desk to eat an In-and-Out grill cheese I had with me.

The only problem; wherever I tried to sit I could not be comfortable because a ray of sun light, filtering somehow through a tiny crevasse somewhere, always followed me, and felt as though it was burning me.

Now I'm awake.

Awaked at 1pm by the buzzing of my pager--my sister telling me that she and my parents are back from their miniature vacation to Julian. I'll prolly go over there later . . .

just a reminder, Setsuled, you need to write two essays for class on Sunday. Perhaps you ought to get working on them?

Did you hear something? I sure didn't. Anyway, I'm off to the shower . . .
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