Trompé Setsuled (setsuled) wrote,
Trompé Setsuled

Sometimes a Cigar is Just a Naked Lesbian Horseback Riding in Burning Valhalla

And here it is;

Twitter Sonnet #2

Desktop currently is "The Nymphaeum".
I've been thinking about women all day.
Lunch burrito boring to the atom.
Wonder where when you need them are the fey?
DVD-ROM is a bit off its game.
Japanese for sleepy is "nemui".
Saw two kittens, one feral and one tame.
Louie's better than Huey or Dewey.
One Yankovic night for every Wagner.
Thursday was an important day for bread.
Earth-like planets bear bodies of water.
Had hardly any trouble getting fed.
Cartoon last night; sex slave saved by girl prince.
Coffee's a daily dose of liquid sense.

I listened to "Weird Al" Yankovic most of the night last night after a solid day of Wagner the day before. Though I did listen to Bowie's "Heroes" once in the afternoon and Lodger twice.

I actually just got Lodger. Back when I was in my Bowie obsessive period, I held off getting Lodger in the vague idea of keeping one album fresh for a rainy day. It's a good album--and exactly what I'd expected in a lot of ways. Less extreme than the other two in the Berlin trilogy, and more theoretical. The songs on Low and "Heroes" seem more driven, Lodger seems more about working through ideas and telling stories.

I watched the final episode of Revolutionary Girl Utena last night. Though the Lynch influence had dropped off significantly, the show did, like most anime series of the past decade, fall under the spell of Evangelion influence, featuring a character speared from all directions by sharp objects, psychoanalytical internal monologues, black and white sketchy animation, and rampant symbolic imagery. Though in that last respect I was reminded of the Wagner operas I've been listening to lately--people doing outrageously big things that seem to have some relationship to internal drama. Everything is a decadent symbol for the artist's impression of the heart of a conflict--we see the sex slave Rose Bride, Himemiya, pierced by swords because she kills the one who tried to save her, people sleeping in coffins because they can't face life, and so on. It's all very beautiful, but sort of cold, too.

I'm having a bit of a tie problem right now;

Some remnants of the two jobs I've had where I had to wear a tie every day. Now I don't have a good place for them. I guess I'd better go look for a proper hanger.

Has everyone read the story of Miley Cyrus getting snubbed by Radiohead and her plans to "ruin them" in response? On the one hand, aside from being a plastic, shallow pop star, Cyrus is probably just a kid wanting to see her favourite band, so I feel a little bad. On the other hand--guess what, Miley? You're not someone legitimate artists are particularly interested in meeting. Here's the line money, grease, and aggressive ad campaigns can't breach. It's hard enough to find it nowadays . . .

I've kind of lost enthusiasm for Soul Eater, so I've been rewatching His and Her Circumstances the past couple days with breakfast. I can tell when a genuinely talented director is at work, and Hideaki Anno is a genuinely talented director. It's a wonderful thing to see.


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