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Barrels for Thimbles

Last night's tweets;

I have stayed up past planned time yet again.
Pea soup slipped out of the can like Play-Doh.
Saw Tim but came back to draw after ten.
I think there are some sylphs I'd like to know.

The last line doesn't really mean anything, but I bet sylphs are interesting to know.

It doesn't seem like a good thing that the cans of pea soup I've been getting tend to fall out of the can maintaining a distinct can shape. Possibly it's a side effect of these "no salt added" cans of soup. But they're so good. I had a can of Amy's minestrone about a week ago with the standard 40% or so daily recommended sodium content, and it just tasted like salt water.

I watched the new Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles with breakfast yesterday. Not a terribly interesting episode. I know Sarah's in a kind of weird place emotionally, and the sensitivity of the moment may have clouded her judgement, but, ladies, if you want to show a guy you have a possibly cancerous lump in your breast and you don't plan on making out with him, it's probably best to tell him what you're doing when you put his hand on your chest.

Spent way too much time to-day on the Something Awful forum. I kind of got to the point that arguing with people who think they have objective reasons for not liking my work but actually don't kind of does a disservice to people who like my work, so I think I'll try and leave it alone for now. Anyway, I have a lot yet to do to-day and it's already six fucking thirty . . .
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