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I'm a Creep

Last night's tweets;

Better burrito to-day at new place.
Folks at Something Awful think I'm creepy.
Need to find a spot for my guitar case.
Why don't I go to bed when I'm sleepy?

I have achieved infamy. More infamy, I mean. First there was this Something Awful thread that started out with people talking about how the writing in my comics is good but the artwork could be better. Then there was this thread where people spent all day hating my work, personality, and face. The consensus there seems to be that I'm very creepy and batshit insane.

The people at Something Awful seem to have extremely high blood pressure. I couldn't find any statement neutral enough to avoid pissing a lot of people off, which was why I enjoyed reading the second thread a little more. People there dropped the thin pretence of constructive criticism and gave in to the reckless hate underneath. People feverishly discussed and re-posted artwork they considered morally reprehensible, adding violent jokes of their own while using icons featuring Nathan Explosion with his eyes gouged out or dismembered cartoon characters. I was urged to respect realism by people who pointed to comics of talking cats and owls as examples of superior works.

It seemed like some people in the first discussion were trying to come up with some intelligent commentary, but it was like flashes of a cigarette lighter in the middle of the desert at night. Even people who were trying to be thoughtful were basing their criticisms on things people made up about my comic and had gained steam--at some point someone referred to Gerounet as Venia's uncle and now it seems to be canon. A lot of people seem to be uncomfortable with drawings of vaginas and they seem to equate them with violence against women--pages depicting consensual sex have been shown as examples of rape scenes. No one seems to mind the penises. Sometimes I wondered if I was looking at a rectory forum.

Last I checked, the first conversation had gotten into the well worn argument that because someone's work has featured rape on multiple occasions it means he's a misogynist. Which I guess means I also really like killing people and I must love fire since I've shown it on multiple occasions. I'm sure there are people who mean well, but I just don't have time to keep repeating myself because people can't be bothered to read more carefully. But I guess I'm flattered to be the focus of so many confused and insecure people. I'm glad I could stave off the demons for them for another day.

I watched the pilot episode of Twin Peaks last night, the one that came in the new gold collector's set. You can tell this one has David Lynch's approval from the lack of scene selection. And it's also beautiful, very high resolution even though what I acquired is only the regular DVD edition. I broke my VHS edition by accidentally closing my car trunk on it in 1998 or 1999 and figured I'd just replace it with the DVD edition when it came out. Little did I know it would take a decade. But even having not watching it in so long--except for an inferior bootleg copy a couple years ago--didn't dispel the millions of times I watched it in high school. Lynch is always better fresh, but it is still great to watch.
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