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So awake


I want to sleep--nay! I want to WANT to sleep. I can't seem to make myself get into it.

At first I thought I was hungry, so I ate a bannana and several fistfulls of strawberry jelly but THAT didn't work. Then I thought I was too hot, so I turned the fan up really high--but then I just got really cold. Was I thirsty? I drank a bunch of water, ovaltine and coca-cola. What will WORK?! I dun't WANNA sleep through tommorow! GLAAAAAAAAAAGH!!

I'm worried a little that maybe I'm having a psychic vision, that somewhere in the City, an innocent is falling prey to a VILLIAN and I, possessing super powers I'm unaware of, am meant to DO something about it! I worry about that!

I also realised there's a girl living inside me. You see, when I realised the ceiling fan was making the room too cold, my exact thoughts were, "No. She doesn't like that--it's making her cold," I stopped, "She? Who's 'she'?"

And then I realised--what I'd taken for so long as being a latent transvestitism in my psyche was IN FACT the inhabiting spirit of a GIRL.

Exorcism time, you say? HARDLY, I say. I LIKE girls. And I'm LONELY, so this girl can stay if she likes. Maybe I could talk her into singing a lullaby or somethin' . . .
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