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My aunt's most skittish cat is named Victoria.

In the past, my encounters with Victoria have always involved her staring at me with enormous fearful eyes, tensed to bolt at my slightest movement.

On Monday, Victoria and I connected.

I was sitting at the kitchen table with my aunt and my grandmother when I noticed Victoria walking underneath my chair, circling the table, and then walking under my chair again. I ran my hand across her back twice, and she seemed to like it.

I got to discussing coffee with my aunt, and in the meantime, I glimpsed Victoria timidly stepping into my room, a place the animals have thus far dreaded to go.

I thought this was kinna nice, and it made me smile.

I didn't remember the incident until much later when, listening to Aimee Mann's new album very loudly, I paused from typing away at something to turn and glance around the room, and I noticed Victoria anxiously staring at me from in front of my closed bedroom door--trapping her in my room with me--opening and closing her mouth to produce the plaintive meows I couldn't hear over Aimee Mann.

I laughed and released her from the confinement of my chamber. And it might be my imagination, but I could swear she looked back at me with a newfound respect . . .
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