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I am the personification of three pots of coffee

I wrote almost all day to-day. The scene I was working on actually disturbed me quite a bit. I hope it ends up working for the reader and for the book as a whole.

I broke to go to class . . . only to find it'd been cancelled. Brief encounter with trisa. Then . . . away into space, to meet asteroids and rocks . . .

I'm toying with the idea of watching The Godfather part 2 this evening, in honour of the fact that I just found it in my backpack.

But I think I'll just read a bit of Sherlock Holmes and go to sleep--I plan to stay in and work on stuff all day to-morrow.

Go to if you feel like listening to Willem Defoe reciting Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven set to music by Lou Reed.

I have a strange desire to see cute rodents in my dream to-night . . .
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