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Trees and wolves

I got a lot of work done to-day, but the bitch of it is, since I didn't get nearly the amount of work done I'd intended to get done, I don't feel all bubbly-accomplished. And here I thought I'd learned not to set expectations for myself! I really should know better . . .

I got up at 9am and immediately switched on the television to see Tori Amos on Regis and Kelly.

Regis and Kelly seem like two defanged snakes trapped in a bucket, constantly coiling about each other, ineffectually striking at each other's hides.

Tori was good though. I was only sorry I'd missed her on Letterman than night before . . . only later, I actually got to download and keep the full segment from And it was a better performance, too, of the same song (A Sort of Fairytale.

I also got to see the terrific and elusive In the Company of Wolves on IFC, a film I'd not seen since borrowing it from my friend Marty. I would have recorded it too, if I could have figured out how to get the VCR to go over channel 125.

It comes on again at 3am, and trisa said she might be able to tape it for me. I hope she does, and I hope I can talk her into watching it, as it's got a lot of themes in it I think she'd particularly appreciate.

Agh. Good, old fashion common sense would suggest that I've reached my limit on Tootsie Roll Pops for the evenin'--well damnit! I'm havin' another . . . gods damned world . . . what's a man's, er, own business . . . if he wants a million more Tootsie Roll Pops . . . 'e should 'ave 'em. 'specially wot with hardn bloody day 'n all. I says. Wha . . . whattaya mean yer cuttin' me off, eh? EH uh?! See here then I . . . oh my . . . where, uh, I built this town, here, so you little kidding could run your Tootsie Pop establisssshshhss ments!! So you-you gotta know yer hish . . . hish . . . hish . . . hishtree! I oh . . . er . . . see . . . hereeeee . . .

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