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I want another Halloween

Well. To-day sucked. More so because it was Halloween.

In years passed, I've always loved Halloween. Halloween was my mutherfuckin' holiday baby.

I still remember the year I dressed in drag as a witch and scared people at the mall and grocery store. Oh, sweet memory . . .

Eh. Suddenly I'm not too mad . . . having just been playing with Lucky the cat . . . funny how cats can make life seem okay.


She would that she not know me
And night last as a sweet touch
Uncostly and fair
Free as beauty in the present tense

And through new portals she can pour
Perhaps, her heart into
These heavenly seas
She seeks as she knows them, knows them

As Alice knew the garden through the keyhole
So the key is sought
The price but your size and shape
But the loss of a shape she detests and

So gentle musics sharp and perfect
Airs for the new night
One night is forever and
In it she would stay and hold pen

And cutlery and paint . . . circling fires
Warm red seas of the brain
Gushing through the corridors
Pounding me like I am brainless stone

And rushing around . . .
She would that she not know me
And I might one day fade;
As at last all bittersweet things shall

And the night can be free again
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