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Agent Cooper likes his coffee black . . .

Recognise her?

It's Sheryl Lee, looking quite different from the character she played on Twin Peaks, Laura Palmer. Although I think the photo was taken around the same time.

A couple nights ago, I was flipping through channels when I came across the third episode of Twin Peaks (technically the second). It's one of my absolute favourite episodes, and as I watched, I realised I had almost all of the dialogue memorised.

So, feeling all Twin Peaks-nostalgic, I began looking through a bunch of Twin Peaks web sites. Eventually I found the above pic.

Not, actually, the first time I had seen it. In fact, seeing it again put a weird little thrill through me, and I suddenly felt like I had forgotten huge portions of my identity.

The first time I came across the picture was back when I still lived at my parents' house, and actually had a room of my own. In this room I had a bulletin board with various drawings and pictures. Liking the Sheryl Lee picture so much, I printed it and put it on my bulletin board.

When I was kicked out of the house, the bulletin board, with all of its pictures, was put in a garage in Ocean Beach where, as months passed, it was destroyed by . . . water, or something. I never did figure out from whence all its scars had come. Anyway, I had to throw it away. And I had utterly forgotten about that picture until Thursday . . . I'm not sure why re-discovering it affects me so but it does . . .


To-day, almost all day, was spent looking for and buying birthday presents for trisa.

A lot of indecision. A lot of, "Okay, I'll definitely get her this . . . er, no I won't I'll get her . . . er, no I won't I'll get her . . ."

But I finally got a few things. I only wish I coulda gotten in touch with her . . . oh well . . . maybe to-morrow *crosses fingers*


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