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Venia's Fancy Footwork

The new Venia's Travels is online. I'm pitching this one as Alfred Hitchcock meets Alice in Wonderland. It may distress foot fetishists.

I went to the zoo to-day and took a lot of pictures and video, most of which I will probably post to-morrow, but I wanted to post this peacock right now. It was wandering around in the middle of the road and didn't mind me walking right up--it was so much like my hippogriff dream.

The music's Bernard Herrmann from the Vertigo soundtrack. I doubt I'll be keeping any of the native sound on these videos as you mostly just hear people screaming--children, mainly, but an alarming number of adults.

There's an intriguing new website promoting Caitlin R. Kiernan's next book, in case you're wondering.
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