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Thanks to the fact that I had the good sense to hold on to my Sobe bottle from earlier today, I provided myself this evening with the perfect container for my ovaltine.

You see, all of the drinking glasses in this place are very TINY. And since I am NOT a doll, I need something more. Thusly I am forced to seek . . . outside beverage containers.

Oh, I am so SLEEPY! It's hard to maintain wakefulness. And logic keeps telling me that since I kinna sorta have a job interview tomorrow, I OUGHT to just go to sleep now. Fortunately, I have a great deal of practice in ignoring the foul lies that Master Logic whispers in my ear.

Two other things about this day;

(1)I fit an entire brick of cheese into an average sized sandwich bag.

(2)A beautiful girl purchased something for me that had cinnamon in it! I have decided she is one of the sweetest persons around, if not THE sweetest.
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