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House of my occipital lobe

To-day was yucky. Mostly just for things in my brain. Seems like I'm trying really hard to either distract myself or provide myself with some constant catharsis. I should just get back at my novel . . . my instincts are telling me that'd be healthiest.

I heard my sister use the word, "weird," to-day as a derogatory term. That pissed me off.

My mum was actually arguing that Oscar Wilde wasn't gay "because he was married," That really pissed me off.

When I mentioned that to-day was trisa's birthday, they asked her age. When I told them, my mum said, "Oooo! You're seeing a younger woman," which made me wanna put an axe through her head.

Maybe I should spend a little less time around my family . . . damnit though . . . free food's a good deal for someone as broke as I am . . .

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