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Yeah, Fucking, Yeah

I've had a really nice day to-day. Nothing complicated, just a lot of drawing while listening to Jimi Hendrix, Aretha Franklin, and The Rolling Stones. I heard a discussion on Howard Stern a little while ago about whether or not Hendrix was really high when he performed, whether someone could actually play competently, let alone brilliantly, while on the drugs Hendrix was supposedly on onstage. Looking at some videos on YouTube while eating breakfast to-day, I have to say, if he wasn't high, he was a great actor. What's more, yeah, his fingers are moving quickly with complete precision. The impression you get is someone whose skill is so great that the barrier between himself and his guitar is totally eradicated. You're getting pure information from his brain. I wonder if it could really be possible and, if so, how rare it is.

Two performances spliced together for some reason.

YouTube's sure been getting obnoxious with the advertisements lately. I was watching Nirvana and Jimi Hendrix this morning and ads popped up multiple times for each video. Classy, record companies, trying fatten yourself further with dead artists. I'm just glad so many artists seem to be getting wise to you nowadays. It's no wonder the music with the heaviest promotion is total shit these days.

My tweets last night;

I'm recycling now broken snack boxes.
My wine bottle's left me a room of bread.
Watching from my closet are three foxes.
I need a little caffeine before bed.

I finally figured out I enjoy wine a lot more when I drink it around lunch time. For some reason it gets me kind of wired.
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