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Lone Spider Fashion

You'll never guess what was in my bathroom last night;

Music's by Danny Elfman from the Beetlejuice soundtrack.

My tweets from last night;

Drinking water's dismally transparent.
Normal substance is often a letdown.
Gilt masks to legends are heirs apparent.
Garbo haunts a deserted fashion town.

I'd gotten e-mails about this Moldavia Fashion Week in Second Life for a while now, so I went to check it out last night, since the amateur fashion design was always one of my favourite parts of Second Life.

It turned out all the events are scheduled for hours nowhere near when I'm available. I roamed around the deserted area a little bit. I liked their bar with the big Greta Garbo poster;

Tou looking all chic at the bar. Is it weird the thing I miss most about SL is my own avatar? I've signed on sporadically over the past couple weeks, talked to a few people, but mostly it just seems to be white trash from around the world. Oh, well.

I'm running a bit late to-day, so that's a post.
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