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Cats On Trains or Brains or Cats On Trains In Brains or Brains with Whiskers

The desire to writhe in comfort may strike a cat with sudden urgency;

That footage of Snow is from a couple nights ago, I just haven't had time to upload it. I was happy to see him since the coyotes had been so noisy the night before, I thought he'd met the fate of too many cats around here. But the coyotes were probably just going on about the legions of rabbits around here. The music's by Bernard Herrmann from the North by Northwest soundtrack--it's the first train station scene.

Last night's tweets;

Time sneaks suits onto silver bullet trains.
Flight of Roger Thornhill's not for the meek.
Grey undead rain clouds grab broadly for brains.
Blue wallpaper's the sad meat from last week.

Huge headache to-day, and my brain was pretty dull yesterday. I started to wonder if it was my new blue wallpaper, but I really can't take issue with Kiri Komori.

I signed onto Second Life briefly before bed last night and actually found someone willing to play chess with me. It was a place called the Isle of Lesbos, a women's only place, and I hope I don't get banned for being a guy in real life since it's the first place I've found in months where it looked like people might actually be willing to play chess. I considered joining the Internet Chess Club, which Howard Stern uses, but it costs money, making Second Life, ironically, the better deal. Well, provided I can find people to play.

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