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Because you're mine

Byah. I'm far too coffee deprived to-day. I had a headache from that, and I tried for some reason (out of loopy lukewarm logic) to cure it by eating lot's of food at my parents' house. So then I was tired, my head hurt, and I felt I had an anchor in my stomach. Things are starting to feel a little better now I've a hot coffee in my hands though.

Hmm . . . I think my eyeballs want to roll out . . . of my head . . .

Tried playing Icewind Dale last night. It's just not satisfying.

And as this is getting to be a regular question for me, I think I'll ask myself . . . what do I feel like being right this instance? Right now I wish I was Garfield (the cat. I wouldn't wanna be president).

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