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I have stared into the eyes of safety and spat.

I hate He-Man. I'm sorry if that offends anybody but . . . He-Man must die.

I'll admit, when I was a kid, I was a fan of the show. But now that it's come back to haunt me in the form of Magious's need to download episodes of both the new and old versions to serve some kind of perverse nostalgia . . . well. I wanted Skeletor to blow He-Man's head off.

We weren't just watching He-Man mind you. We were also watching She-ra, giving us a little glimpse into what L’Oreal commercials must've been like circa 1985.

While it's true there was a bit of fun in cracking wise about the cheap animation and ludicrously senseless plot (one almost feels that Skeletor and He-Man got to-gether shortly before the episode to decide together precisely how things shall go), it wears thin rather quick.

Oh MST3K, wherefore art thou?

I finally could stand it no longer, and had to leave. It's nights like this that make me particularly miss trisa.

I came back here, and have just finished the last of a little bucket of green tea ice cream I've had for quite a while. Personally, I think the frosty little flecks of mould added spirit!

Now I'm here listening to a few mp3s WinMX downloaded in my absence. Mostly songs that I heard on BowieNet Radio earlier to-day--that David Bowie's got taste.

What do I do next . . . hmmm . . .

Let's see.

I could;
1) rip some mp3s for Cryptess
2) continue scanning Sandman 7 for Cryptess and Richard
3) continue working on an illustration for a project I've had going for about a week
4) work on my novel
5) write something new
6) make another Doll Merchant instalment (riveting, isn't it?)
7) go to sleep
8) read

Hm. Eight options.

And I do believe . . . I just found my eight sided die earlier to-day! Ooo! This'll be exciting! (you dinna believe me when I said I was boring did you?) Lemme see if I can find it . . .

. . . er, I only seem to be able to find my twelve sided die, so let me add four more options . . .

9) eat
10) watch a movie
11) cry
12) laugh

Okay! Here goes . . .

Hmm. I got ‘4’ !!! Guess that means it’s back at the novel for me.

G’night folks!

(Oh, wait, Tori Amos is on channel 7 . . .)

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