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Still Ill

Last night's tweets;

Excessively damp wounds cry out for salt.
Summer ghosts steal many different dishes.
Repetition makes useless an assault.
Review the sad normalcy of wishes.

So far, to-day's the least sick I've felt in days. Instead of a globe in my stomach, I just feel a bit nauseous. I don't know what's going on inside me exactly, or what the right things to eat are. I thought I was safe with unsalted split pea soup, but it was bad.

I'm out of it to-day because I didn't get enough sleep, this time because I woke up hungry. I'm so tired of this guessing game, I have too much shit on my plate.

Lately, my nightly Buffy/Angel viewing has been the only thing to get my mind off my various worries. I watched the season finale of Buffy's season sixth last night. I really liked the route of character development Willow took in turning "evil"--it's the point of despair where you say, "fuck everything." It was drawn out a bit much, though. Anya was weirdly misused--it's established she can teleport, but she doesn't do so when she can see Willow's about to hit her. And why didn't anyone think to make a wish to the vengeance demon?

I was sorry to see Dollhouse was cancelled to-day. I guess everyone saw it coming. If I were Joss Whedon, I'd concentrate on making cheap web or cable series, or go to writing comics full time. He's obviously no longer in a place to write about righteous heroes vanquishing clear evil and having teenage romances, and anything other than that clearly won't sell to network television audiences. Battlestar Galactica was a cheap cable series, but some might say that's still an exception, being a popular and sometimes morally ambiguous Sci-Fi series. But one has to remember that things were pretty clear cut in the beginning, with good Adama versus evil Cylons.

I think most people suspect, deep down, that things aren't as black and white as they seem to like to think, but I think most people need those stories to sneak up on them.

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