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Venia and the Hugs

The new Venia's Travels is online. I wrote the script while on antibiotics and in the middle of caffeine withdrawals. The first half came to me in a dream.

It looks like I'm totally giving up coffee and tea and probably alcohol. I haven't had caffeine in days, and it'd been pretty minimal amounts for weeks. I haven't had alcohol in almost a month. But it's going to be weird--I've only been drinking alcohol for around three years, but I've been a coffee lover since high school. This sucks. I guess I'll be getting apple cider at Starbucks now, at least until my body decides it doesn't want that, either.

I think I'm past the withdrawals now, but I'm pretty sure I'm less of an alert person this way. Maybe man was not meant to aspire to coffee, and like Icarus, my wings have been burnt. No wonder Apollo always seems so jittery.
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