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Big, Bloody Boys

Last night's tweets;

One alien mall wing's always empty.
The best Indian prices for Christ's wood.
Phallic like a long observatory.
A new shadow falls where Bob's Big Boy stood.

They're putting a Bob's Big Boy in Parkway Plaza mall. And I thought they'd all gone out of business--it's no place for a vegetarian, I guess, but I'd like having David Lynch's favourite burger joint nearby. There used to be Bob's Big Boys around here when I was a kid--I remember their food being a bit dry and tart, by fast food standards.

Last night I dreamt Charlie Chaplin made The Great Dictator and woke up to find it was true. In my dream, though, the movie had an extra "blank" act. I don't remember what that might have looked like--the only visual I remember was a blank title card with a white, flowery border.

I've been playing chess pretty regularly in Second Life lately ever since I finally found a vital community of players. Everyone seems to be better than me, luckily I really don't seem to mind losing nowadays. Maybe I'll play better with some alcohol, which I might try to-night since my doctor called to-day to tell me the results of my blood test. My blood says I'm totally fine. I mean, there's nothing wrong with me, I'm not saying my blood was flirting with me, but who knows?

They stuck a needle in my arm yesterday, which I don't think I've had done since I was a little kid. I wondered if it would freak me out, but I made myself stare at it like Akira Kurosawa's brother made him stare at dead bodies after the Great Kanto Earthquake, the idea being to face fears. I always liked this philosophy, and yeah, it works, at least as far as my blood test. Just a little piece of metal in my arm, nothing monstrous.

I'm drinking coffee in the morning again. I still get this abdominal pain, but I'm thinking maybe my muscles were worn out. Or something.
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