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Like a tea leaf in the wind

Good morning! I've now officially been awake for six minutes.

. . . The day really begins at midnight I think.

After making that last entry about my philosophies in life, I had this big, motivated, inspired feeling. So I decided to sit on my ass awhile, channel surfing.

At 3am, I caught an episode of The Critic. It's a brilliant show, I'm so sorry it died.

While watching The Critic, I ran into arucard, who had actually made a computer programme for me!!

It's a random activity thingie called The Bogolific Quasimatic Setsuled Decision-o-tron 5000 Deluxe, or Sets-o-tron and it's currently telling me to talk to green tea adjacent to the shower.

Okay Sets-o-tron! I shall!

I love this thing. I'll never have to come up with any sort of goal on my own ever again!

I told arucard that I was gonna go to bed when I finished talking to him, but I lied. I really went to go look through a bunch of Pre-Raphaelite paintings, before finally choosing for my wallpaper this one by John Millais--entitled The Eve of St Agnes;


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