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Last night's tweets;

Elvis mints make padded cells of stomachs.
Avocado Faberge eggs don't last.
A possum eye for a sky's like onyx.
The marsupials watch us badly fast.

With breakfast to-day, I watched the first episode of So Ra No Wo To, which so far is my favourite new anime series of the season, by a long shot. Thoughtful pacing, detailed backgrounds and the sense of a densely detailed fantasy world without exposition dumps are immensely refreshing amongst the usual crop of harem series and series about the mundane activities of prepubescent girls, though So Ra No Wo To seems to have a little of that.

I haven't caught much of the premise yet, but it seems to be set in an alternate version of late 1940s, rural France after Japan single-handedly won World War II and apparently put young teenagers in charge of most things. I think some might compare it to Strike Witches, but the background art is worlds better and there are far fewer disturbing panty shots of children.

The protagonist is a girl who looks around eleven or twelve and who wants to be a bugler for the army. But there's at least one character for us increasingly in the minority who like our cheesecake with developed breasts, the would-be bugler's mentor who's voiced by Yu Kobayashi. This is the second new series I've watched in as many days to feature Kobayashi, who plays the male lead of Ookami Kakusi, a new supernatural harem anime. This following her role as a tomboy on Nyan Koi! and the cross-dressing lead of Maria Holic. She has the kind of voice that's usually assigned to young boys, but as the female characters she plays on So Ra No Wo To and Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei, her somewhat raspy voice is a real wonderful novelty among the higher pitched voices of most anime girls.

Anyway, I have a bad feeling So Ra No Wo To is going to wind up being all set up and no story, like many an anime series before it, but for now I can appreciate the decent designs.

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