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The Wool Keeps Spinning

Surfing for porn a couple nights ago, I came across a site called Hot Chicks Smiling at Ground Zero (actually SFW). I guess there's something misogynist about guys getting off on this ("Get a load of the dumb broads"), but I find this observation overwhelmed by the blissful callousness on display. This may be the ultimate example of obnoxious tourists--my favourite is this one of the girl, wearing an FDNY shirt, giving her boyfriend bunny ears while a passer-by looks on in disgust.

My schedule lately has been to work on my comic every Sunday through Thursday and to take Friday and Saturday off, but there was a lot of colouring piled up from the first pages of the next chapter, so I coloured last night after dinner until just after 2am. I wanted to try to get to bed earlier, but I wanted something to do. I thought about looking to see if anyone wanted to play chess in Second Life, but, still feeling sort of ill from Taco Bell the day before, didn't feel like socialising. I ended up just watching Spirited Away again. That really is one of the few perfect films in this world.

I watched part of Vertigo again on Friday. You'd think at this point that movie would be much too familiar to me, but actually I still find every scene so rich in layers of detail I can't help but love it. It's like a great painting you can stare at all day.

I really need to find a new television series to watch with dinner now that I'm done with Angel. I don't think Mad Men's going to cut it--I noticed it's using a couple Twin Peaks directors, (Tim Hunter and Lesli Linka Glatter), which seems smart--why not choose the directors David Lynch chose? But there's something monochromatic about that show. It can't seem to get past observing in various ways that the culture in which these people live causes them to feel emotionally disconnected, so mostly it's kind of dull and depressing. Maybe it gets better, but I want a series that's proven to be valuable in every episode. As much as I complained about Battlestar Galactica, there was almost never an episode I felt like stopping part way through. I'd say the same for Angel, Buffy, Firefly, Farscape, and Veronica Mars. If anyone wants to recommend to me an hour long drama, Sci-Fi, or comedy series, I'd appreciate it.

I'm short on time to-day, so I'll have to call this a post.

Last night's tweets;

The Death Panels shall be blind seamstresses.
Federal Satan bots shall roam on stilts.
They'll hand welfare cheques to all addresses.
And force all straight men of age to wear kilts.
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