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Clues of the Night

I watched The Hangover while I ate dinner the past couple nights. Good movie, reminiscent of Animal House, a kind of young men's screwball movie you don't see much anymore. I particularly liked that the plot actually held together--these guys wake up after a boozy night they don't remember to find all kinds of crazy things going on--a tiger and a human baby in their hotel room, one guy's missing a tooth, another guy's just missing. And everything ends up having a real explanation that ends up being funny and facilitating opportunities for the actors to be funny.

Also a bit anachronistic was that the movie was honest about caring about the characters instead of using irony as a weird defence mechanism. I blame homophobia.

I've been colouring all day to-day and still have a long way to go. So I'd better get back to it. I'm so tired, though, I kind of don't want to. I wish everyone was naked in this chapter, I'm tired of filling in all the little pieces of clothing.

I saw Snow the Cat to-day, so I guess the coyotes haven't gotten him. He followed me while I brought the trash cans up from the curb like an attentive lieutenant.

By far the best J.D. Salinger obituary can be found here.

Last night's tweets;

The smart cursor is announced as "pretty".
The jurors furiously write this down.
Troubadour lawyers evoke no pity.
After some thought, the reeve thinks he might frown.
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