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Castles in the Sand

My pessimism just got rerouted. I think Obama sincerely thinks he can make the Republican caucus listen to reason. I was almost convinced Obama wasn't as good as he seemed coming into office, now I think the problem is simply that he's too good. He still has faith in constructing a reasonable argument, refusing to give in to the fact that the Republicans appear only to take his statements as, "Blah, blah, death panels, blah, blah, big government."

Well. Whatever happens, I do think it's important to put reason out there, for someone, somewhere, to see and understand.

Twitter Sonnet #106

Beware the sleeping cookie scale dragon.
The shadowed mountain smells like a bakery.
Hot dough creates corpses by the wagon.
And deer puke Slurpee by royal decree.
The smart cursor is announced as "pretty".
The jurors furiously write this down.
Troubadour lawyers evoke no pity.
After some thought, the reeve thinks he might frown.
The criminal waterskin has fallen.
Ale ransacks all the warm human bodies.
A kid lost his dice to Woody Allen.
Random men now move King's commodities.
Millions of cheese wedges become white noise.
Food is valued less than McDonald's toys.

Sometimes I like to imagine the young white trash around here who dress like it's the 1980s are actually time travellers from 1985. I saw a kid wearing a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off to-day when I went to the bagel shop to get breakfast. I thought he ought to be a Goonie.

I had to go out to breakfast because I'm out of coffee--one among several errands and chores I had to let slide yesterday because from 2pm to 6am I had to work on my comic. Subtracting half an hour for lunch and dinner--that's mainly for lunch because I worked while eating dinner--I worked on the damned thing for fifteen and a half hours. I didn't even think I was so far behind. When I started yesterday, everything was already drawn and inked, I'd completely coloured the first two pages, had mostly coloured three others. I thought I'd be going to 2am at the latest. Part of the problem is this computer, which runs Paint Shop Pro 8 pretty slow. I also need a new mouse, which has had a tendency lately to randomly make the cursor shoot across the screen. What gets me is I actually could've upgraded this computer if it weren't for hospital bills. If only I lived in a civilised country . . .
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