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Change of existence

Ah. I at last know the pleasure of writing at the computer with a cat at my side.

This is Victoria, who's currently playing with one of my hair ties . . . actually . . . I hope she doesn't choke on it . . .

She's a very small cat. Looking at her now, I find it hard to believe that she actually gave birth to Lucky, who's another of the cats. A very, very fat cat. Odd that she would warm to me like this--of the three cats, she's the only one who actually leaps into my lap. It's odd because she's by far the most skittish and cautious of the lot.

btw, to all of my readers who are into Aimee Mann (I'm pretty much talking to Marty, cryptess, and possibly Trisa), I've learned that she's gonna be on Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Tuesday at 8pm on UPN (or possibly a different day for cryptess. Like, a few months from now. Sorry dear:( ). I'm jazzed about it.

Noticed a few minutes ago that Trisa's deleted her live journal. I guess I kinna saw that coming since she's been putting to torch certain of the--shall we say--dorkier aspects of her life. Which, come to think of it, goes naturally with her current disdain of me. Or. The disdain I imagine she has for me. I am, after all, the physical manifestation of sloth and idleness.

I'm afraid for that girl a lot. I wish I had the key for her bell jar. Unfortunately, part of the nature of her bell jar is that it permits little or no alien matter.


This is the last time I'm gonna have to stay up until seven to walk the dog--my aunt comes back to-morrow. From this experience I've learned a few things;

1) I'm more of a cat person than a dog person.

2) The dog actually leaves my hands smelling worse than the dirty kitty litter.

3) While the dog has to be walked at two inconvenient times of day, all the cats need is food, water, their litter changed, and some mutually rewarding attention (the cats just aren't smelly. You lie Phoebie Beauffet).

4) I never, ever want children, as I suspect caring for them shall be slighly messier and more complicated than caring for a dog.

Now I think I shall try to get some work done. Just goofing off through the entire night tends to make me feel dirty. Much better to see that rising sun knowing I've been productive.

Trisa; in case you read this, I just want to remind you that I'm your friend.

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