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Pursuit Sports

Twitter Sonnet #119

Man makes onions occur in burritos.
Some police won't hear of a car phone call.
Goodness, don't you touch licensed tomatoes.
But fair, outdoor warnings redeem us all.
Coffee's a reward for a hard day's night.
Rabbits hunted by cameras are confused.
Smiling, televised art's an endless fight.
Old video gets loud French horns defused.
New controllers revive old Playstations.
Some women trade beauty for Sauron's eye.
All things worth fighting for want libations.
Jerusalem wants scotch, bourbon and rye.
Some TVs are too big for your cable.
Love shared with vegetables is more stable.

Here's the video I wanted to post yesterday;

The music is by Bernard Herrmann from the North by Northwest soundtrack. I was chasing this rabbit;

Normally, the rabbits only show up on the lawn at night but I guess the overcast sky fooled them yesterday.

I finished work on my comic unexpectedly early last night so I tried to hook up the Playstation 2 Tim gave me last week--it was really nice of him, I just wondered aloud, "I wonder how much it would cost to get a Playstation 2 off eBay?" and he said, "Well, you can have mine." I guess he doesn't have much use for it since his Playstation 3 is backwards compatible.

He gave me some monster cable with which to hook the thing up, but unfortunately I couldn't find the right vaginas for it on the television. I think they must be on the back, and the 42 inch widescreen's too heavy and delicate for me to move when I was just a couple hours away from falling asleep. I'm so glad I'm sleeping through the night again.

I guess I don't really need more video games to play. But it would be nice to be able to finally play Final Fantasy XII, just months before Final Fantasy XIII comes out. I contemplated playing World of Warcraft last night, but I just couldn't work up enthusiasm, especially since I've taken to only drinking once a week and didn't want to use up booze night on WoW when I wasn't even done with the new Venia's Travels.

It's not that I'm trying to drink more responsibly. It's just that, ever since I got sick in November, I don't quite enjoy alcohol as much as I used to. Same with coffee, unfortunately. I also get uncomfortable sitting cross-legged for long, bending my stomach much seems to make me light headed. I keep hoping this is all in my head, and that it'll go away at some point.
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